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Are you a parent who is concerned about your teenager missing out on school but still likely to be sitting exams in the next few years?

Are you worried about how they will catch up and that you're not in a position to help them with their various subjects?

Are you wondering how they can best use their time during lockdown periods and plan their studying effectively?

If so then our Yellow Brick Road Academy Programme is exactly what you need to support your son or daughter through this time.

  • A focused 90-day planner guides them through planning their subjects out monthly, weekly and daily.
  • Weekly reflection supports them to identify what they still need to work on.
  • Tasks to help them identify their goals and ambitions for this year and beyond. 
  • Library of online support across a range of subjects.
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing support.
  • Free downloads to support all of their study needs.
  • Separate support groups for parents and teenagers.

All of this for only £20 per month.


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Supporting your teenager during lockdown